Processing Power

The power inside the Gateway® DX Series Desktop is testimony to what you can accomplish when you have the right tools. First, rely on the 64-bit architecture of Windows 8 to get you around. Then, to ensure smart and seamless performance, choose between powerful AMD A-Series processing and up to 3rd-generation Intel® Core™ processing with Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology, which makes your DX sizzle with speed and energy savings. Plus, high-end graphics and processor multithreading enable more efficient multitasking and faster response times.

Supercharged Graphics

Select models of the DX feature new-generation NVIDIA® and AMD Radeon™ GPUs and HDMI™ 1.4 ports. Add Microsoft DirectX® 11, a graphics component that supports cutting-edge shading and texturing techniques, and your images become so incredibly detailed and lifelike you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a parallel universe. With compatible hardware and software (sold separately), you can even experience the immersive world of 3D in your games and movies.

Blu-ray™ Way

Enjoy the rich and crisp embodiment of high-definition video and audio on select DX models via Blu-ray technology. Specifically engineered for HD, Blu-ray offers 6x the video resolution of DVDs, plus improved surround sound audio. And Blu-ray Disc players make the most of your DVD collection, too: Blu-ray Disc players seamlessly play back and upscale DVDs, too.

Faster Transfers

Optional USB 3.0 ports on your DX deliver 10x the data transfer rate of USB 2.0. That means wait time is greatly reduced during data transfers between your PC and a digital device. USB 3.0 also optimizes power efficiency—using one-third the power of USB 2.0, yet providing twice as much power for charging devices like MP3 players and smartphones.

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