Specifications may vary, depending on model and region. All offerings are subject to availability, which may vary by country. All footnotes correspond to particular products.



Battery life varies depending on product specifications, computer settings and applications or features launched. A charge cycles number assumes an average use of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and 50 weeks in a year, resulting in 250 charge cycles per year. Thus, the usage time of the 1,000 charge cycle battery pack equals 4 years.

Hard Drives

MB = 1 million bytes; GB = 1 billion bytes; TB = 1 trillion bytes. Accessible capacity may vary due to preloaded materials and operating environment. Gateway Recovery Management utilizes up to 10GB of the stated hard disk capacity as dedicated backup space.


Thin-film transistors in liquid-crystal displays commonly produce a small number of discoloration dots. Being a limitation of the TFT LCD technology, these non-conforming pixels are not product defects and so are not covered by warranty.

Media Card Readers

Certain functions may require use of an adapter supplied with the media card and/or operate in non-secure mode only.


Available memory on systems with 4GB memory and higher will be less than 4GB depending upon system configuration; a 64-bit operating system is required to enjoy the ultimate performance of 4GB+ memory. Shared system memory may be allocated to support integrated graphics, depending on system memory size and other factors; on netbooks, all available system memory may be allocated for system resource requirements. Actual system memory available to the OS will be reduced by the amount of shared and/or dedicated system memory utilized by the graphics solution and resources required by the operating environment.


Overall system performance is based on several PC attributes; GHz, processor clock speed, is one of them. Intel® Turbo Boost Technology performance varies depending on hardware, software and overall system configuration. AMD TurboCore speed applies when at least half of the available cores are active. The Total Cache number is the combined L2/L3 cache for the processor.

TV Tuners

HD requires an ATSC digital antenna (not included). HD signal reception depends on multiple factors.


Actual throughput may vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors such as network traffic or overhead, building construction and access point settings. Wi-Fi® certification is for the WLAN module only. Subject to availability.


Bundled Software

May vary depending on hardware configuration, operating system and regional availability. An Internet connection may be required for use. Additional fees and conditions may apply for certain software (e.g., WildTangent). Trial periods may vary.

Microsoft Office

When Microsoft® Office 2007 is bundled, it is a 60-day complimentary subscription with an option to buy a full version; all files created during the trial will remain on the PC regardless of full-version purchase. When Microsoft® Office Starter 2010 is bundled, it contains reduced-functionality versions of Word and Excel that include advertising; PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher are not included, but you may buy a product key to activate a full Microsoft® Office 2010 suite without advertising. When a full Microsoft® Office 2010 suite is bundled, you must buy a product key to activate it.

Microsoft Windows

64-bit versions are intended to work with 64-bit drivers and peripherals; Windows 32-bit compatible applications work in Windows 64-bit versions. For information about updating drivers and troubleshooting issues with device drivers for 64-bit versions of Windows, contact the manufacturer of the device or program or check the Microsoft website for information.

Norton Products

When Norton Backup is bundled, it is a 30-day trial subscription. When Norton Security is bundled, it is a 60-day trial subscription.



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