Service Programs

Gateway Customer Care

We work hard to make your Gateway experience easy. That means giving you great choices, making products simple to set up and operate right out of the box, and being there to support you in New Zealand. Here's how our Customer Care team is ready to help:

Customer Care Call Centre

Our Call Centre team is highly trained and ready to help answer your questions, troubleshoot any problems, or direct you to other service options if needed. Our goal is to solve your problem on the first call so you can get back to enjoying your Gateway technology.

Service Clinics

You may drop off your unit for service at one of our service clinics listed below. Engineers there will check the problem and book-in your unit for repair.

For a minor problem, if parts and tooling are available and the unit was brought in at least an hour before closing, the unit will be fixed on the spot. Otherwise, further diagnosis and repair will be needed; when the repair is completed, you will be notified by phone or e-mail.


Submit and track your support questions online with our web-based helpdesk service. Simply register your Gateway product and set up your account's preferred e-mail and password, and you'll be able to sign in and send us your inquiries about your covered products anytime through our Helpdesk.