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Company Background


Founded in 1985 in a U.S. Midwestern farmhouse, Gateway has grown into one of the world's best-known technology brands with millions of satisfied customers. Starting with a $10,000 loan guaranteed by his grandmother, a rented computer and a three-page business plan, founder Ted Waitt turned Gateway into a revolutionary company whose innovations helped shape the technology industry.


The company—previously called Gateway 2000—received national acclaim in 1991 when it introduced its distinctive cow-spotted boxes, a tribute to its agrarian heritage. In 1993, it entered the Fortune 500 and went public, trading on the NASDAQ before moving its stock to the New York Stock Exchange in 1997. The following year, Gateway shifted its head office from North Sioux City, S.D., to Southern California.

Acquisition of eMachines

In March 2004, Gateway acquired eMachines, one of the world's fastest growing and most efficient PC makers. The eMachines brand of personal computer provides award-winning technical support and quality at low prices.

Gateway Today

Joining Acer

In October 2007, Gateway was acquired by Taiwan-based Acer Inc., and the combined entities now comprise the third-largest PC company in the world.

Channel Strategy

The company's brands are sold through leading retailers, e-tailers and channel partners in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, and an expanding list of markets in the South American and Asia-Pacific regions.

Continuing Mission

Gateway remains dedicated to making the experiences of buying, owning and using a PC convenient and trouble free for its customers. As Gateway pushes into new frontiers, it remains dedicated to its original objective of helping people improve their lives through technology.