A Personal Design

Possess what others desire. Made with a close attention to both design and palette, and offering a range of screen sizes, the Gateway® NV Series Notebook is just the laptop you’re looking for. And just the one that will fit your unique personality.

A Sense of Sleek

The NV Series has always been a design trendsetter for the fashion conscious. And with each of its generations the NV Series has become even more stylish and streamlined. Our lineup of new models features a bold contemporary design, plus detail elements like special in-mold designs, refined silver trims and smooth corners. A chiclet keyboard with color inlay (with your choice of blue or red inlay on white models) is now available, too. Together, it all gives the NV Series a sleek and modern appeal that will get noticed when you’re out and about.

A Wide Palette

As always, the NV is a feast of colors, and our selection of new shades makes it even easier to find the hue that's perfect for you: It’s a notebook that colors your world. And you get style from the inside out, with touches like the chic palmrest, which echoes the pattern on the front cover. It’s such design consistencies that make the Gateway® NV Series Notebook one to covet. After all, it is called the NV.

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